Movies. I watch movies. I watch stacks and stacks of movies. October movies part 3 of 3:

139. (1198.) Crippled Avengers (1978)
The sequel to martial arts masterpiece Five Deadly Venoms is essentially the exact same movie with the exact same actors. It does have some imaginatively choreographed and executed fight scenes, but it's best not to watch the two movies too closely together. In my case, that probably means not in the same year.

140. (1199.) The Puppetoon Movie (1987)
Hey, this whole movie is animated shorts that would have been played before movies! George Pal's Puppetoons are indeed impressive examples of stop motion animation, but like martial arts movies, are probably better served with some space in between.

141. (1200.) Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)
This was the first Madea movie. I knew that Tyler Perry's movies were based on his plays, but I expected that this incarnation of Madea would be a prototype compared to her later appearances. Nope. Madea is always Madea. The real difference is that in later movies, she get more screen time. In this case, I could have probably checked out after Madea takes a chainsaw to the living room.

142. (1201.) Daddy's Home (2015)
This didn't suck. I don't know why I thought it would suck or why I watched a movie that I thought would suck, but I did. And I laughed. Mark Wahlberg's ridiculous work out and CPR attempts were particular highlights.

143. (1202.) Spite Marriage (1929)
Buster Keaton's last silent film! It's just an excuse for some classic Keaton shenanigans in generally unconnected gags. If you ask, "why is he climbing that ship's mast?", you're paying too much attention. It's worth it for the bed routine alone.

That finally finishes October. More to come.

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Earlier today I had to run some errands. Despite the cool weather, I decided to take the Jeep because it hadn't been out of the garage in a few weeks. Turns out, that was a bad idea.

The Jeep had been drydocked because its left turn signal was out. I had tried replacing the bulb that wasn't coming on, the left fender light, but that hadn't solved the problem. Most people would probably have taken their car to the mechanic. Not Walter. I decided to solve the problem myself.

The contacts were corroded in the 20-year-old bulb fixture, so I figured that was the likely problem. I bought a replacement part, pulled the old fixture, reconnected the wiring, and put it all back together. It still didn't flash for turns, but it did come on for hazards. So I replaced the flasher relay. That didn't fix it either.

It was at this point that I realized that one of the parking lights wasn't working correctly. It blinked with the hazards, but stayed off when the headlights were on. Swapping the two parking-light bulbs caused the left flasher to work and the right to fail. Voila! The whole problem was indeed a bad bulb, just not the one I originally suspected.

As I said, after all that, I finally took the Jeep out on the street. It felt great to be driving it again. I turned on the right blinker as I pulled up to a right turn . . . and I got rear ended.

The chain was already there

The good news is that the rear lights were indeed working. The lady who hit me just wasn't paying enough attention. It was a minor fender bender that will cost about $70 to fix. (Bulbs and rewiring the front end had cost $80.) I gave thanks that it hadn't been worse, and went about my business.

On the way home, I hit a deer.

I didn't take a picture of that. (Terrorists don't deserve the recognition.)

For the record, I did get the message. This just isn't the year for me and automobiles. The Jeep is going to stay safely in the garage until 2018.

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Life is a journey, not a destination

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We're in the home stretch now!

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Another year in the books!

Kentucky 13, UGA 42

Today's Kentucky/UGA football game was the last home game for outgoing seniors Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, who combined for 238 yards and 5 touchdowns on the way to a 42-13 win.

(It wasn't really as close as the lopsided score indicates. By the end of the game, Kentucky players were gassed, and Georgia's second line of running backs kept gashing them. UGA had 381 rushing yards overall on the day.)

The win doesn't exactly make up for last week's collapse at Auburn, but it does inspire confidence going forward to Georgia Tech and the SEC Championship. Go Dawgs!

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I hurt the ones I love

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To be continued...