Five movies watched in March:

30. (1089.) Creed (2015)
This is a fine movie for a Rocky film. I mean, it is a Rocky film, so there's not much in the way of suspense. (I laughed and sang "Montage" from Team America: World Police during the obligatory training montage scenes.) But if you like Rocky films — and who doesn't? — this definitely is one.

31. (1090.) The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
Ah ha! So they can make a fun, lighthearted Batman film. This movie is a tribute to all levels of Batman fandom. It's not perfect (pacing is an issue as the movie reaches its inevitable it's-all-about-the-Bat-family climax (which, let me say, is something that the DC Comics haven't understood for years), but it is plenty good enough. Recommended.

32. (1091.) Terminal Island (1973)
Not that I need an excuse to watch a 1970s exploitation film, but I watched this specifically because TCM advertised it featured Tom Selleck. While "feature" might be overselling it, Selleck is present and does play an important, if smallish, role. This wasn't a complete waste of time.

33. (1092.) Unbroken (2014)
While I certainly don't want to belittle the accomplishments of the protagonist, I found the execution to be a little too dry to be all that engaging. The dryness is common in films written by the Coen brothers, as this one was, though when they direct their own work they are generally able to inject a bit of wry irony that probably wouldn't have been appropriate here. I guess my takeaway here is that not every subject is right for every writer.

34. (1093.) Madea Goes to Jail (2009)
This is the first Medea film I'd seen, and I have to say, "I get it." (Not every movie has to be a grab for Oscar.) The character is the life of this picture, and every moment she's on the screen is enjoyable. Too bad that Medea plays a subplot in her own movie. The main story, a successful lawyer dealing with a mistake of his past, is a dull waste of cinema. However, I do now look forward to seeing some more Medea movies.

More to come.

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Technically, there should have been a post today, as I try very hard to post at least once every other day. This counts.

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I should have saved this joke for Presidents Day

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Remember last year two years ago when I said I was designing puzzles and scripting dialog for a video game? Well, SnarfQuest Tales, Episode 1: The Beginning is finally available on Steam!

For the record, I wrote the script for that trailer, too. Perhaps next I'll try my hand at being a playwright. That can't pay worse than video game scripting.

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After several years of tracking the "new-to-me" movies I've been watching, I decided it was finally time to try and compile a list of every movie I've ever seen.

You can see that list — currently at 2,742 movies and counting — here.

I'm sure it's not a complete list of everything I've ever sat through. For example, I remembered I'd seen Side Out just yesterday when a friend and I discussed rewatching The Hitcher (the original, not the remake). There must be a bunch of movies I've seen over time that made little to no impression on me. I suspect I'll be updating that list for a while to come.

In the meantime, if you don't see your favorite film, let me know. There's a good chance I haven't seen it, and I'm always on the lookout for something new worth watching.

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(gloating to soothsayer)
The ides of March are come.

(speaking truth to power)
Ay, Caesar; but not gone.

Well, I'm Caesar, and I say they are. Effective immediately, we're seasonally adjusting all the sundials forward one hour! Goodbye, Ides of March. Hello, Seventeenth Kalends of March!

What a huge improvement you've made, boss! Now I can enjoy an extra hour of gladiator fights at the Circus Maximus after work. You're not such a terrible tyrant after all! (sheaths his knife) Hooray!

This play sucks.

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To be continued...