Sorry. I was going to write a post on Friday, but I got caught in Internet quicksand as I researched why the dorsal fin was painted blue on the original Star Trek Enterprise model. I know that probably doesn't sound like the sort of thing that should take up hours and hours of time... but it did. And I can only say I'm sorry.

And even since I started typing this, I keep getting distracted looking at U.S.S. Enterprise model kits. I've said it before, but one of these days, I really am going to let myself buy the Polar Lights 1/350 scale kit. Again, sorry.

But I dare you to watch this footage of the original 11-foot model shot for VFX shots in 1966 and not find it fascinating.

If you look carefully at the nacelle dome lighting tests starting at about 1:53, you'll see the blue paint on the leading edge of the interconnecting dorsal fin between the saucer section and the secondary hull. I assume it was never very visible on screen because of the matting process technology available at the time.

And if you don't want to look so carefully, the blue is very visible in the 2016 restoration by the Smithsonian Institution (pictures at

Golly, that's a beautiful ship.

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47/2358. So Proudly We Hail! (1943)
The main narrative of this melodramatic romance is very dull (despite the male half being George Reeves), but the background situation of a group of American nurses trapped in Bataan as the Japanese war machine begins to roll through in the Philippines at the start of World War II is quite riveting. It's all utterly horrible, and from what I've read, reality was worse.

Side note: since this is Superman Month, it's probably worth noting that there is a recurring bit in this in which one of the American soldiers is repeatedly referred to as Superman. (Fun fact: it is NOT the character played by George Reeves.) The events are set in 1941, and Superman would have been only 3 at the time. (He was barely 5 when the film was released!) This was a Paramount picture, and Paramount was also responsible for the brilliant Max Fleisher Superman cartoon shorts that debuted in 1940. So the name-dropping here counts as brand synergy product placement! You! Ess! Ay!

48/2359. Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch (2024)
Sadly, Hallmark mysteries don't always hit the mark. All the characters in this whodunit act like idiots so that the romance between the protagonist, a fashion psychologist, and the French policeman can get more screentime. The conclusion is particularly ridiculous. What's the haute couture world's equivalent of "two thumbs down"?

49/2360. Mean Girls 2 (2011)
Speaking of two thumbs down: this made-for-TV cash-grab sequel is inferior in all ways to its predecessor, especially the script, cinematography, and editing. But also the casting, costumes, acting, direction, stunts, and setting. (It's Atlanta! Standing in for Ohio?) Even the title, which should have been "Meaner Girls." (In this case, they nonchalantly commit crimes.) About the only thing the movie got right was the product placement.

Drink Coke! (Mean Girls)
Mean Girls drink Diet Coke

Drink Coke! (Mean Girls 2)
Meaner Girls drink Coke Zero

50/2361. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)
Darker and less satisfying than previous instalments in this franchise, I would probably be hating on this movie if not for the scene-stealing Cosmo, a talking dog obsessed with being "good." Seriously, cut out the rest and just fast forward to the Cosmo scenes... or go watch this YouTube video.

More to come.

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and it bites, too

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Today's Science Lesson from Batman, the Science Fan:

from "It's A Bird... It's a Plane... It's Supermobile!", Action Comics #481, 1978

If a man dressed like a bat says it, it has to be true.

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The 2024 Metropolis Superman Celebration officially starts today with an appearance by an actual (movie) Superman!

Tomorrow's "Featured Guest" is Brandon Routh. Yes, I'm on record as hating Superman Returns, but I certainly don't blame Routh for that trainwreck. (It's just a terribly misguided script.) He was pretty darn good in the role of "New Christopher Reeve." And, of course, his beautiful blue eyes were so striking that they stopped bullets.

As I mentioned at the time, both Routh and one of this year's "Special Guests," Mark Pillow, made their first appearance at the Celebration in 2011. Maybe Routh and Pillow, who played Nuclear Man in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, have bonded over being in awful Superman movies. Or maybe they just have the same agent.

If you were unaware, there's another Superman movie in the works right now with David Corenswet in the title role, so we can certainly expect him at future Celebrations. You've probably never heard of Corenswet, but had you heard of Routh before he played Superman? I don't think I had. Granted, I'm really bad with names and faces. Maybe you're better.

You do you, whatever your name is.

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I've been so tired all day. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I've had to run a bunch of errands and I had a meeting, and every time I've tried to take a nap in between, Henry has demanded something new: outside, walkies, dinner. Why are we supposed to let sleeping dogs lie if they won't return the favor?

I'm just not getting enough sleep. On Monday, Mom woke me early to pick up Audrey, who I was dog sitting. On Tuesday, I had to get up early to take Louis to the vet to have the lump on his back inspected. Today, Dad woke me up early when he called in a panic because the installer of his new washing machine could not attach it to the hot water line as plumbed.

I swear, it's getting to where a fellow just can't sleep until 2PM anymore.

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To be continued...


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