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What year exactly was this a good strip?I was under the impression that someone was still producing new Henry comic strips. But when I looked it up, it turns out that no one has been making Henry strips since 2005, and the reprints I've been reading were probably drawn by Jack Liney prior to 1979! So the terrible comic strips taking up space in my local newspaper are probably older than I am!

Henry strips are essentially a one-panel gag mercilessly stre-e-e-etched across three columns. All they do is teach children that handicapped kids -- especially the mute and prematurely bald -- are deserving of all the scorn that they can muster.

How can defunct comic strips still in print be this bad? Why are they still printing them? Who, other than the blind, enjoys them? If we have to be subjected to reprints, can't we get old Calvin and Hobbes or Pogo strips instead? Even Mark Trail was better than this!

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To be continued...