rife (r ī f), adj.
1. prevalent; frequently or commonly occuring; current.
2. abundant; plentiful.
3. filled; abounding: followed by with.
(As defined by Webster's New 20th C. Dictionary, Unabridged.)

Wriphe (r ī f), n.
1. a ficticious, scaly character with situational morals who takes joy in exploration and extermination.
(As defined by Wriphe.)

Wriphe.com is the personal website of Walter Stephens. For several ten too many years, I have used this domain to demonstrate what foolishness I can get into when I have too much "free time" on my hands (i.e., when there are no video games worth playing). I will continue to use this site to shamelessly promote myself whenever possible. If you are visiting for the first time or the second (no one visits more than twice except Keith — he knows who he is), please enjoy your brief stay.

In case you were wondering, the name of the site is borrowed from a fictional MMORPG video game character; an anthropomorphic reptile with a bit of a bad temper and penchant for complaining. Wriphe has always had a bad case of wanderlust, which is quite odd considering that the only interest he ever had in meeting new people was discovering who he could get away with killing. (It's the natural carnivore in him, I think.) He worships a god of fear and is a slave to fashion -- "the clothes mask the man," he said — but is in all other ways a very admirable fellow, I think. He is indubitably loyal to his friends and was never caught looting a corpse that he didn't create. (Immutible Law of the MMO: Killing is Encouraged, Stealing is Wrong.)

I grew fond of him, and we had a few great times together. In honor of his insatiable curiosity and incurable cynicism, I've named this site after him.

Like Wriphe, I too am a bit of a tourist of life. I have no "career" to speak of, and like the Renaissance men of old, I know a little bit about a lot of things (which really only means that I know a lot about nothing). I've attended 3 colleges. I've managed day-to-day accounting and operations for one of the largest art schools in the USA. I've built computers from spare parts. I can discuss the mythologies of comic book superheroes in great detail. I've created elaborate websites and video games in HTML, PHP, Flash, Javascript, and C#. I can paint equally well with a brush or a mouse. And I'm pretty darn good at Trivial Pursuit.

Looking for something to wrap fish in? Perhaps you need to line your birdcage? Find my resume here!

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have... the facts of Wriphe.