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Celebrate Christmas in June with Superboy!

Superboy says gift cards are for losers!

What I heard: solve poverty by giving poor people money. That Superboy, he's a thinker.

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Listen to what the man said!

That PSA was published in 1949, when the USA had a population around 150 million and 25 million registered cars. For comparison, today there are about 350 million Americans (+133%) with 287 million registered vehicles (+1048%) resulting in over 42,000 traffic fatalities (+30%). Obviously, roads have gotten a lot safer in the past 3/4 century, and I think we all know why.

Thank you, Superman!

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The 1960s were a different time
Adventure Comics #348, 1966

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June marks the 14th annual Superman Month, and not a moment too soon! I think we all need to hear Superman's perspective on recent events.

What I learned while reading this is that I want a sweater with a W on it
(I couldn't find a PSA where Superman confronted a murdering cop.)

Action Comics #179 was published in April 1953, making that PSA sixty-seven years old!

When are you going to start listening to Superman, America?

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This is why no one smokes anymore. Superman killed Nick O'Teen.

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To be continued...


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