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Cinnamon Frosted Flakes are a real thing now. I haven't had them yet, and after watching this commercial, I can tell you I never will. We'll be right back after this message.

Did you hear that guy at the end of the commercial say that Cinnamon Frosted Flakes "tastes like victory"? Does Kellogg's know where that line comes from? Have they never seen Robert Duvall as the satiric Lt. Col. Kilgore in Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse Now: I love the smell of napalm in the morning

Apocalypse Now: It smells like victory

Once upon a time, art and literature employed allusions to previous works audiences would be familiar with in order to reinforce concepts. In modern America, corporations still uses allusions, but they no longer expect the audience to understand them rationally. They only want to trigger an emotional connection. "Oh, yeah. I remember Apocalypse Now. I liked it. I bet I'd like Cinnamon Frosted Flakes."

Kellogg's doesn't care if the actual reference is to napalm, a weapon used to burn people to death. Nor does Dodge care if their products are pitched by Star Wars' oppressive evil Empire. Six Flags gladly names roller coasters after DC Comics serial killers.

So good luck with your new product, Kellogg's, but I still pay attention to who is trying to sell me something. Kilgore can keep his cinnamon. I'll stick with my Sugar Frosted Flakes, the cereal that Superman says is the best.

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Ahem. From a press release by the University of Leicester:

Seven years of student-led research into superheroes between 2009-2016 suggests Superman could be the best-equipped superhero of all, with a number of abilities including the 'Super Flare' attack and possession of high density muscle tissue

It took seven years to determine that the Man of Tomorrow is the most powerful of all super heroes? Damn. The University of Leicester has a pretty good reputation as a research university, but seven years to figure out that an invulnerable man with the powers of flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, super hearing, freeze breath, super intelligence, and a perfect moral compass makes him better equipped than all other super heroes? I figured that out in one afternoon in a comic book shop.

To be fair, this wasn't really a study. The press release goes on to point out that the conclusions presented were the result of seven years of essays written as part of a class teaching students to follow the scientific method and develop critical thinking skills. (The press release itself is a bit of marketing aimed squarely at kids who might consider enrolling in the university. Come and study super heroes!) Taken from that angle, I can wholeheartedly endorse this project, especially when it provides conclusions like this:

Though his cape proves to be a vital utility when gliding in comic and media depictions, the student-led research suggests that when gliding Batman reaches velocities of around 80km/hr — which could be fatal upon landing.

Any research that supports The Incredibles ("No capes!"), now that's some research I can get behind.

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I woke up this morning wondering what I was going to post today when I saw this in the morning paper.

This is a job for... a professional cartoonist

Even professional cartoonists celebrate Superman in June!

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Today in Superman's library we see a demonstration of Superman's least known power: super-alphabetization. Let's see what's under the letter "n":

Ah, here it is, right between my Satanic Bible and Anarchist Cookbook
DC Comics Presents #18 (1980)

I appreciate that a good crime fighter has to keep informed of the criminal mind, but what is Superman doing with a copy of the Necronomicon in his Fortress of Solitude library?

No, Superman. Just no.

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She's serious about those goodies

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The annual Superman Celebration returns to Metropolis, Illinois this weekend. Scheduled guests include three Jimmy Olsens: Marc McClure from Superman: The Movie, Michael Landis from Superman: Lois and Clark, and Mehcad Brooks from the current Supergirl show on CBS The CW. That's a lot of Jimmies! Too bad the real Jimmy Olsen didn't live to see this. (Rest in Peace Jack Larson.)

Also dropping by is Peter Facinelli (just $20 for a photo op!). He plays Justice League founder Max Lord on Supergirl, but he's no doubt best known for his participation in the Twilight movies. It might be interesting to see how the Twilight and Superman fan bases overlap. Sparkle, sparkle!

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June is Superman Month at!

And what good timing it is this year, as June will see the relaunch of the DC Comics line. Again!

If those sentences sound familiar to you, that's because that's exactly how I opened last year's Superman month. Sometimes even those who know their history are doomed to repeat it.

For the second time in the span of a year, DC really has rebooted Superman. I'm guessing they looked at their sales figures and finally realized that people really, really didn't like New 52 Superman. So they killed him off. Ironically, sales on the death issues have been through the roof. Have I mentioned how people really didn't care for the New 52 Superman?

Back is the Superman who "died" in 1992. (He got better in 1993. Unlike the New 52 version, you can't keep that that Superman down.) This is your father's Superman, and thank Rao for that.

The best part of all this is that just before killing off the New 52 Superman, DC created another new Superman who was literally a flaming asshole. (Well, the "flaming" part was literal.) His whole reason for existing, story wise, was to paint the dying New 52 Superman as the "not as bad" one. That's like introducing a lying egomaniac Trump into the race because Hillary is a lying egomaniac. Sorry, but I'll keep holding out for an option that doesn't totally suck.

If you ever find yourself saying something like this, you're not the hero

Superman is dead! Long live Superman! (You might want to bookmark this post. I have a feeling we might need it again next year.)

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It's a sad day when a Family Circus comic strip speaks for my inner monologue.

The bullshit here is that kids don't read comic books anymore

Shove it up your colons, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled year to remind you that today is Leap Day.

Trivia: February 29th was introduced to the Gregorian Calendar in 1582, but the need to insert an occasional extra day or two in the calendar year to keep the solar and seasonal cycles aligned has been recognized by astronomers for thousands of years.

After creating the Mormons in America, Christ headed to Krypton
World of Krypton #1, July 1979

Fact: February 29th is Superman's birthday. At least that's what happens when DC Comics translates the Kryptonian date, the 35th fanff in the zetyar of Eorx in the amzet 9998, into the Gregorian calendar. Who am I to doubt DC Comics' math?

We now return you to your regularly schedule year already in progress.

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How Superman fills his time between bank robberies and volcanic eruptions:

Law abiding citizens never have to explain that they are law abiding citizens
DC Comics Presents #20 (1980)

The important takeaway here is that Superman uses the word "jiffy." That's my kind of Superman.

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To be continued...