Today is the opening day of the 2011 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. As recently as late last month, the city was nearly underwater as the Ohio River flooded its banks. Fortunately, Superman was on the scene, and the late flooding will have little effect on the festivities between now and Sunday.

Able to hold his breath for several minutes!

This year's marquee guest will be Brandon Routh, the most recent big-screen Superman. Routh is as popular among fans as the film Superman Returns is reviled. Superman Returns writer/director/producer Bryan Singer is noticeably not on the Superman Celebration Guest list. Maybe time will soften that attitude. It's worked wonders for Mark Pillow.

Pillow is among the other guests scheduled to appear this year. Pillow played Nuclear Man, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace's version of Bizarro. There was a time when Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was the most hated Superman movie. Twenty-four years later, the fans want to meet the man who once played the Nuclear Man. When it comes to acting in a comic book movie, Mark Pillow is no Reb Brown (who is?), but he's living proof that there is some truth to the old acting adage that there are no small parts.

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To be continued...


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