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"I haven't been very good about updating the 'work' section of this site lately (so much of what I've done in the recent past is app coding, which doesn't show off very well)" is what I wrote in 2013 as introduction to a post promoting the first postcard design I'd made to promote a local Halloween event.

Well, I've still got that job.

Zombie Day, Saturday, October 13, 2018

As you can see, zombies are taking a bit of a back seat to super heroes these days. As well they should.

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From the "What Were They Thinking" aisle of your local supermarket comes this unreasonable facsimile of food:

Hopefully a very, very limited edition

Just what the hell is that little blue thing supposed to be, a spider? Should I be pleased or concerned that Kellogg's pastry chefs don't know what a spider looks like? While spiders and ticks are in the same scientific class of animal, should I have to guess which one I'm supposed to be eating for breakfast?

Has there ever been a point in human history where neon red and neon blue colors on a plate stimulated appetites? Doesn't Bubble Yum already satisfy the USDA daily recommended allowance of spiders? Are people who cook their pastries in the microwave buying these expecting that they'll gain the proportional speed and strength of radioactive spiders?

Obviously, I think that this products begs a lot of questions, not the least of which is who at Kellogg's thought this was a good idea? And was that executive a super-villain?

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Superman is such an icon, you don't even have to put his name on the box to sell products. Just his logo will do.

Now you, too, can chew on Lois Lane's head!

The product, as you can see by the price label on the shelf, is officially called Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes DC Comics. Superman's name isn't even on the box! But why should it be? Today's kids are sophisticated and knowledgeable about what they put in their pie-holes. They wouldn't eat just anything out of a box with a hero's likeness on it.

Disclaimer: The Amazing Spider-Man Brand cereal may or may not contain spider eggs.

"Spider Berry" cereal "with Lizard villain marshmallows" flavored with natural spider and lizard flavors? I withdraw my statement, your honor.

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Spider-Man 2 is the best game I've played since Prince of Persia. If you love Spidey or exploration, you MUST have this game.

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Have you seen that Spiderman MTV show yet? It is damn sweet. Spidey looks perfect. It's pretty commercial heavy, I think; but Spidey in action makes all the commercial breaks worth waiting through.
By the way, Gerrard, if you read this, I'm out of town. I lost your contact info in the computer changeover, but I'm afraid that I'm busy on Sunday dogsitting my dear poodle. So I will be unable to play. Again.

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To be continued...


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