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Nothing good happens before noon. Ever. Before noon there's a digital alarm siren, annoyingly chirping birds, spilled coffee, and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Most people stumble around like zombies, others are unnaturally cheerful (probably from the caffeine). And all the light in the sky! Ahrrghhh! It burns!

I've been at work by ungodly hour of 10AM for only 3 days so far this week, and that's been enough to remind me why I don't wake up until after noon. Theoretically, I'm supposed to be coding, but typing, much less thinking, is impossible when you're still 2 hours from the semi-conscious state that a mere 4 hours of sleep allows. Ugh.

You morning people do whatever it is you do. I'm crawling back to bed.

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Not... enough... sleep.... I've been waking up early for the past few days to get some work done. In fact, I had to arise by 8:30 this morning to attend a business meeting. And I've got this to say: you morning people are crazy. Everyone I see with a smile on their face between dawn and noon makes me want to hit them square in their mouth with a Louisville Slugger. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Screw Ben Franklin; I'm sure rising early is unhealthy. The morning sun probably causes cancer. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some sleep to catch up on.

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I'm betting that you are probably reading this one hour later than usual. The question of the day is how long will it take before some Tea-Bagger accuses President Obama and his Socialist Regime of stealing an hour from us, the early-rising, hard-working proletariat, to give to the undeserving, artificially-illuminated bourgeoisie? Now the government isn't just stealing our money, it's also stealing our time!

Now if you'll excuse me, it seems I've got a stolen hour of sleep to catch up on.

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Three months in the making, my latest web project is now online:, internet home of the award winning barbershop quartet from Marietta, Georgia. (Okay, it didn't really take me 3 months to build it. It was more like 3 weeks of work with a whole lot of discussion time in between. It seems that the nature of a quartet is to pull in 4 different directions. Who knew?) Now I sleep!

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Late night television is NOT a cure for insomnia. On nearly 100 channels all I can ever find are commercials for Too-Fun-To-Be-Work work-out machines or May-Cause-Intestinal-Bleeding pills to improve my love life. (Unless there are "instant girl" pills -- Just add water! -- I don't think they'll help that much.) On the remaining channels are advertisements for exhibitionist teenaged girls and special interest diet plans. Of the few channels that actually show programming, most only show the really crappy syndicated shows such as Elimidate and Three's Company or low-budget news. I think that some network could really improve its ratings by simply broadcasting a few hours of sheep jumping over a fence accompanied by some soothing classical sonatas.

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Last week was Spring Break for my brother, the middle school science teacher. He woke me up everyday at 10AM. As a result of rising at that ungodly hour for an entire week, I am now sick as a dog. So far as I'm concerned, this qualifies as empirical evidence that waking up before noon for prolonged periods of time will inevitably kill you. (Just test it yourself and see if I'm not right.)

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For the past few days, I have had absolutely no motivation. I sit, or more acurately I pace, around the house, wondering what to do next. I'm feeling a little stir crazy, like I have cabin fever in the summer. And it's putting me in a very bad mood. Maybe I'll go cliff diving. Or take a nap. Yeah, a nap; that's the ticket.

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I'm getting to bed wa-a-ay too late. I think it is killing me slowly. Wait, that could be the booze or the drugs.... Nevermind.
Lots of changes at the Thorgils site. Changes all over the place. Some new pages. Some modified old pages. I fixed some bad grammar (I'm sure there's a lot left). I added some links. I even decided to post some info I was going to keep to myself. Like Doc Brown, I figure, ''what the hell?''

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The end of April already? Damn, I'm a slacker.
Work has been a nightmare the last few days, so I have done little more than fall asleep or zone out in front of the PS2 in the evenings recently. I'm spending most of my remaing time working on a new animation for a friend's upcoming website. More details later (i.e., once I have something to show).
Otherwise, I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

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It is 9AM. Do you know where your children are?

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To be continued...


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