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What? I skipped a post again? Dammit.

In my defense, I've been busy these past few days. As you know, I've been supervising Dad's medications and dog-sitting Rambo and Scarlett (and trying to make July not jealous). Also, there have been issues with our commercial rental property, including an AC failure and an (unrelated) fallen tree that damaged the roof and destroyed the gutter over the back door that has a bad tendency to flood. Add to those that I have an end-of-July deadline on a coding project. And I helped one friend build some shelves and another fix her cable system. And my own ISP was down for most of Friday and Saturday. And I've been trying to find time to write more. And and and and.

But that's all just excuses.

On the up side, I did just recently discover that my phone takes great panoramic photos, a feature which I have been using exclusively to take photos of clouds.

Beautiful Clouds: Polution's one redeeming feature

So that's good. And that's enough.

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Scarlett Snax

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She chases squirrels so hard, she makes herself sick

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Puppy's first haircut!

A shaggy dog story

We'd trimmed Scarlett's face a few times in her first five months, but you can see that she was really a pile of hair when Dad brought her up last weekend. I soon solved that.

This is as still as she gets

She looks like a poodle now! They grow up so fast. *sniffle*

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My Memorial Day Weekend has not gone as expected. The good news is Dad brought his new standard puppy, Scarlett, to visit my girls.

Trouble? Who, me?

Scarlett is 3 months old and her sweet exterior hides a soul of pure trouble. If puppies weren't so cute, we'd smother them in their sleep. But Scarlett isn't the reason I've accomplished nothing this year. That honor goes to Dad's other new addition, Nanny.

When she's being held is the only time she isn't crying

When Dad picked her up, she wouldn't eat and had Scours, which is what vets call goat diarrhea. It gets hard to get things done when you are bottle-feeding nutrients to a 4-week-old goat every 3 hours.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a barking puppy to tend to.

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To be continued...