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Has 2020 pushed you to the brink? Thankfully, there's a Superman for that!

Superman: a one-man suicide hotline since 1937!
Superman #361 (1981)

Saving 21st-century balcony leapers is the least bonkers thing in this story. It turns out that Superman III has 2 secret identities: computer-traffic controller Jon Hudson and tennis professional Lewis "Lew" Parker (and he's kind of bad at both jobs).

2020 is a strange year, even in the comics.

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Fun fact: 100 pounds of confetti falls just as fast as 100 pounds of flesh
He's never wrong
All-Star Superman #10

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, an estimated 865 less-famous Americans.... This week could have used a little more Superman.

(See also: "Superman and the Jumper" from Superman #701.)

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There isn't really any good way to report a suicide and put a positive or humorous spin on it. However, sometimes, such as with the self-inflicted death of racing legend Dick Trickle — the inspiration for the surname of Tom Cruise's character in Days of Thunder and longtime SportsCenter punchline — there's no way to avoid it.

"NASCAR drivers recall Dick Trickle as unique and fun," reported yesterday.

I was never a very big NASCAR fan, but I always kept an eye out for Dick Trickle myself. Thanks for one last one for the road, Dick.

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To be continued...


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