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What I did on St. Patrick's Day:

Jacksonville Icemen 5, Georgia Gladiators 4.

Minor league ice hockey might not sound an Irish way to pass the time, but they fight like true drunken expatriates. Saint Patrick would be proud.

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My mother brought home two pilsner glasses that each have the phrase "I Guinness" printed on them. She's sweet and I know that she meant well. The only problems with this swell gift is that I don't drink Guinness, and I don't St. Patrick's Day.

And before anyone else gets me any more glasses with stupid slogans on them, let me be clear about this: I don't Canada Day, I don't Cinco De Mayo, and I don't Mardi Gras. Nothing personal, people, but I just don't need that sort of thing taking up space in my kitchen cabinet. I've got too many "I Batman" glasses in there already.

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Happy St. Patty's. I've worn my green robe all day. No one pinched me. Which is a good thing. Unless a cute girl had decided to pinch me playfully but chose not to because of the green robe. Then it is a bad thing.
Thorgils site should be running from the DnD page at long last. Like the Kurse page it is incomplete, but since it is not growing like the Kurse page, I should be able to get all the content online in the next few weeks, schedule permiting.

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To be continued...


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