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Remember last year two years ago when I said I was designing puzzles and scripting dialog for a video game? Well, SnarfQuest Tales, Episode 1: The Beginning is finally available on Steam!

For the record, I wrote the script for that trailer, too. Perhaps next I'll try my hand at being a playwright. That can't pay worse than video game scripting.

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A gentle reminder:

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We're back on, out to crowd-fund another game with your money.

Shameless self promotion

If the name Larry Elmore doesn't ring a bell or you don't know what SnarfQuest is, I recommend that you read our info at Kickstarter before you give us your money. But either way, you're still going to slip us a fin, right? Aw, come on, be a sport!

(If it makes a difference, I wrote the game scenario and dialogue, built the game website, designed all 2D artwork for both digital and print promotion, and even composed the entire Kickstarter page. I'm working hard for your money!)

Support your local Kickstarter today!

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Presenting the teaser trailer for SnarfQuest Tales, a game that Cellbloc Studios is currently working on:

I didn't make that. I just told a very talented someone else how he should make it. (And then I criticized it, criticized it, and criticized it some more until it was good and polished.) Here's my original pitch, which had to be cut down to fit inside 15 seconds.


Single camera that never moves.

Open on a sword stuck in stone, in full-on Sword-In-The-Stone/Arthurian legend style. Stone sits in foreground, slightly screen right. Background is dark, possibly solid black, though if you prefer to show hints of a countryside, that works, too. Sword and stone are spot lit.

Epic Music starts playing.

Enter Snarf, emerging from background blackness on screen left. Snarf is all confident swagger. He walks in slow motion, in time to the music. He steps up to the stone, spits into his hands, rubs them together, grips the sword, and pulls with all his might.

The sword doesn't budge. He pulls and pulls, pushing off with his feet, really putting his back into it. He works up a comical sweat. The sword doesn't budge.

Snarf tugs one last time, and the handle pops off the sword. Snarf falls backward screen left, landing flat on his ass with the hilt in his hand.

As Snarf looks in horror at the useless hilt, a shape moves in from the black background. The viewer sees, but Snarf is not aware, of the dragon approaching. The dragon looks menacingly over Snarf's shoulder. The dragon's shadow falls over snarf's head. Snarf's eyes roll up. He swallows hard.

Cue music crescendo. Screen goes black. Show SnarfQuest Tales logo plus whatever else you want to add (white text on black screen).


SnarfQuest Tales will be going to Kickstarter later this year (around September). Mark your calendar.

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To be continued...


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