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PETA has announced that they plan to launch a pornographic website to attract attention to their anti-human agenda. According to an interview with the Huffington Post, "it will have enough adult content to qualify for the XXX domain site but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see." So get ready, PETA will be launching a website combining pictures of tits and ass and slaughtered lamb. I'm already turned on.

I'm not entirely sure that PETA understands the concept of eroticism. When people want to see some skin to get their rocks off, those who aren't Germans Nazis are not looking for slaughterhouse pictures. But PETA will soon fix that, as they build their site that conditions the impressionable among us to equate sex and ultra-violence, reverse-Clockwork Orange style.

This idea of mixing two concepts to send completely the wrong message is nothing new to PETA. You may recall that a few years ago, PETA launched a "sea kitten" campaign to equate eating fish with eating kittens. I hadn't thought about it before then, but since I like eating fish, maybe I would like eating kittens. I've killed far more kittens since PETA started their campaign than I did before it, and I think PETA's powerful advertising message deserves full credit.

This takes treating women like meat to a whole new level. Breasts, ribs, loins, shanks; looking at pictures like those sure will make my mouth water. I can't wait to stick my dick in the next Whopper I buy. Who needs KY Jelly when they've got ketchup?

I have to say that I'm impressed. As the latest in a series of spectacularly questionable PR campaigns, PETA has certainly outdone themselves. From dousing people wearing furs with blood to marrying eroticism and murder. You've come a long way, baby.

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Uga Update: PETA wants Georgia to replace live Ugas with a robotic dog. While I'm intrinsically opposed to anything that PETA wants (see "Sea Kittens"), I happen to think that a robot Dawg would be awesome, and would be a great addition to the sidelines as it paced menacingly back and forth, glaring at the opposition with steely laser eyes and baring titanium teeth in a continuous growl. So way to go on finally having a kick ass idea, PETA. Here's to robot mascots!

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To be continued...


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