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Easter is tomorrow, which gives me the perfect opportunity to promote the movie Harvey. I love that movie. In fact, I love every movie with giant rabbits, from Donnie Darko to Alice in Wonderland to Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Night of the Lepus. Can you even make a bad movie with giant rabbits?

Come to think of it, I also love every Jimmy Stewart movie I've ever seen, from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to Rear Window to Rope to The Flight of the Phoenix. Except for Vertigo. I never cared for Vertigo. The entire story -- a man becomes obsessed with a girl who looks remarkably like a woman he believes is dead -- makes me dizzy.

However, I don't generally care for films in which a major character is invisible. They all suck, from the original The Invisible Man to Hollow Man to Memoirs of an Invisible Man to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (It makes sense that the only film that comes to mind that I like with an invisible character is Mystery Men, in which the Invisible Boy is always visible.) The only advantage to being invisible is visiting the girls locker room and stealing shit. Hardly spectacular story devices.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Go see Harvey.

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To be continued...


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