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Today is the 4th Annual Worldwide Go Topless Day! For awhile now, I've gone topless almost every day, weather permitting, from spring through fall. But it's still nice to have a specific day to honor it.

Before you get too excited, note that this event is intended as a social event for Jeep owners sponsored by All Things and your local Jeep enthusiasts club. The club here in Newnan is called the Georgia Crawlers 4x4 Club. And the Newnan 2011 Go Topless Day activities are sponsored by The Alamo (the bar, not the famous Spanish mission -- that shouldn't be too hard to remember).

To be clear, I don't participate. Certainly not because I'm opposed to Jeeps. I'm not even specifically opposed to the people who drive them. I like waving at drivers of other Jeeps as they pass me on the road. However, as a general rule, I just don't like social gatherings or really anywhere else there will be people. (Some days, even the super market is too crowded.)

Today's celebration should not be confused with National Go Topless Day sponsored by Go That Go Topless Day is celebrated on August 21 this year as a political protest to remove sexist laws from the United States that prohibit women from baring their chests as men are allowed to do. Now there's an event I can really get in front of!

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Ok, since I last blogged, I've driven across country, I've begun the moving process, and I've changed host servers here at How's that for multi-tasking? I'm so, so disorganized right now. Please note that because of the server change, I've had to reorganize the site to move the blog back to where it was, here at Sorry for the confusion. Make a note of the move. I promise it won't happen again. (At least not for another few months.)

Remember the Alamo!

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To be continued...


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