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At last! A rainbow on the horizon!

The end of the rainbow: the SEC Championship game

By which I mean that we are just ten days from football season. Count them down!

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Question: What's at the end of the rainbow?

Our used cars are as good as gold!

Answer: It's the Pitts.
[Actual photo taken 08/19 in Dublin, GA, where "pot of gold" = "used cars."]

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In the infamous Seduction of the Innocent, Dr. Wertham describes the relationship between Batman and Robin as "the wish dream of two homosexuals living together."


I think it is most interesting that the character of Robin, created purely for the purpose of encouraging children readers to more closely relate to the adventures of the Batman, has served his purpose so well as to result in the enduring cultural subtext of the gay Batman. Even Dr. Wertham's studies indicate that Robin, not Batman, is the character that most people with homosexual desires project themselves into. No one wants to sleep with Robin; they want to be ravashed by the Batman. Robin is freqently shown pining for Batman, yet rarely, if ever, is Batman shown doing anything demonstrably homoerotic in nature. That makes Robin, not Batman, the homosexual partner in the Dynamic Duo.

Crotch Attack Robin Action Figure Coming Soon!

See what I mean? Damn, boy, can't you even keep your legs together!

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To be continued...


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