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It's no secret: I don't like "new." I like debugged, broken in, and comfortable. That means I should like television this fall, as Charlie's Angels and Tim Allen return to tv lineups. But I will do them a favor and not watch 'em. If I watch 'em, they'll just get canceled again.

The only television shows that were introduced in the past year that I liked, The Good Guys and Mr. Sunshine, were canceled. It's a situation that I've come to expect: if I like it, it's probably canceled.

I first noticed that the good stuff gets canceled every year since NBC canceled Manimal in 1983. Since then, something new and liked gets the axe every year.

1984: Cover-Up
1985: Misfits of Science
1986: Sidekicks
1987: Oldest Rookie
1988: Probe
1989: Booker
1990: Flash
1991: Eerie, Indiana
1992: The Edge
1993: Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.

Need I go on? Surly those were your favorites, too. Ah, tv land, why must you be so cruel?

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To be continued...


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