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A soccer referee has died after being punched in the head by an irate teen-aged player. A few quick thoughts on this news:

It is common in soccer for players to fake injuries, but this is going a bit far.

I assume that this is why soccer bans players from using their hands.

With a killer swing like that, think of the money this kid could make if he was playing baseball.

On the bright side, at least now the poor referee doesn't have to watch any more soccer games.

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Unintentionally tragically hilarious quote of the week:

"My daughter didn't get any justice before this, and she is not getting justice now."
-- June Justice, as reported by WDIV in Detroit.

If you can't find something to laugh at in a case of consensual teenage sex turned into criminal statutory rape only after a parent named "Justice" pressured her child to go on local television and accuse the boy of rape, directly contradicting the story that that the daughter had previously given to police and unintentionally revealing her identity to her classmates which led to bullying at school causing the girl to commit suicide rather than face a cross examination of her story in open court.... Well, life is going to be much harder for you.

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To be continued...


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