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While doing some maintenance to my tag cloud page on Monday, I realized that I currently have exactly 13 posts tagged "dan marino." That is too perfect.

Therefore, effective immediately, I am retiring the "dan marino" tag. From this point forward, all posts that reference Dan Marino will be tagged "the greatest quarterback ever to play the game of football."

The Greatest Quarterback Ever to Play the Game of Football

Take that, Peyton.

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It has just been brought to my attention that my telephone service provider, Sprint, is part of an industry-wide conspiracy to charge me to access my own voicemail. ("But everyone else does it," is pretty much their response, which really goes a long way towards explaining why a stimulus package aimed at businesses is doomed to failure in the modern corporateocracy.) This, of course, has led to a recent overage charge on my cell-phone bill. While this charge is minimal, I understandably have no desire to pay it again. Therefore, from now on, I will now be turning my phone off until 7PM on weekdays. If you need me, don't call me and don't text me (that's even more expensive for me than checking voicemails!). Email me.

So if I don't answer your call, don't take it personally. (Or do. I don't really care.) I'm just ignoring you for profit.

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To be continued...


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