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Say, that's a good looking Ford Fusion out that window.

You keep the car; I'll take the pie

This screenshot comes from a Ford commercial running in the Atlanta area for about the past month. But the car isn't the reason I'm showing it to you.

This shot was taken in my favorite restaurant, Sprayberry's Restaurant. The Ford out the window is parked in the space usually reserved for the Sprayberry's International Scout. I don't think that Scout ran when I worked there in 1992. You can see it in the picture of the "229 Jackson Street" location here'.

I don't know if the commercial sold any car, but it certainly has me warning some Brunswick stew.

UPDATE: I found a video of the commercial:

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Went and bought myself a delicious Sprayberry's® BBQ Sandwich™ (beef, chopped, extra sauce) yesterday evening so that I could have something to enjoy while the NFL tried to pass off the Giants vs. Redskins as a football game.

Yum! And it only cost me a week's wages!

That's not the whole sandwich. That's what was left after someone BETRAYED ME while my back was turned! Look upon the face of a traitor:

Don't let those puppy-dog eyes fool you! Guilty!

Betrayal, thy name is July!

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To be continued...


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