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Thank you, eBay!

As much as I liked Roy Scheider (who, for those of you who never watch the news, died yesterday), I have to admit that his career has always puzzled me a bit. No matter what the film, it seemed he was always playing second fiddle to some bigger star, usually a fabricated bit of special effects such as a gigantic shark, a menacing helicopter, a homicidal computer, or a talking dolphin. Maybe he's just so likeable because his co-stars are always so robotic. I guess it's easy to be charismatic when you're playing opposite cardboard. (Just ask any of Andie McDowell's co-stars.)

On the upside, Scheider probably got out on the light side. At least he won't be forced to watch someone's inevitable remake of Jaws II. Really, if Scheider can't convince those politicians that a shark is to blame, no one can.

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To be continued...


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