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Yesterday, a man dressed in a Batman mask robbed a Pizza Hut in Albany, Georgia. Not too long ago, someone posted a video of someone dressed as Batman trying to rob a super market on YouTube. Is this a trend? What in the world would possess someone to try to commit a robbery while dressed as the Dark Knight Detective? I thought that was why they made Richard Nixon masks.

Seriously though, of all the heroes to disguise yourself as while you rob a bank, why Batman? Green Arrow is more like Robin Hood, and Spider-Man at least wears a mask that covers his entire face. Batman's already rich; he doesn't need anymore money. It's been my experience that when rich people forceably separate people from their money, everyone tends to be a little less forgiving. Just ask Bernie Madoff.

Next time you're looking for a disguise to hide your little late night shenanigans, I suggest something more appropriate than a widely respected vigilante. Try a bandana like an an Old West bandit. Or in a hooded shawl, like a ninja. Or, heck, wear a Richard Nixon mask. Because the classics never go out of style.

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To be continued...


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