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As I said, Mom and I went to Nashville, Tennessee, last week where we caught the UGA vs. Vanderbilt game. Do you know what is literally across the street from Vanderbilt Stadium? The Parthenon.

(Birds inserted digitally in post production)

I'd known that Nashville had their own Parthenon for awhile. (They always use it in establishing shots of Tennessee Titans games on television.) However, I was under the impression that it was kind of small. I didn't realize that it was a full-scale reproduction of the ancient Grecian monument until I saw it in person.

The man who founded Centennial Park was named John Thomas. What a dick.

Atlanta has nothing like Nashville's Centennial Park. Founded as part of the same 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition that saw the construction of Tennessee's Parthenon, the park is huge, filled with playgrounds, fields, monuments, ponds, cafes, sidewalks, trails.... You name it, it's got it. I tried to take a bad picture, really I did. Impossible.

It is impossible to take a bad picture here

But the highlight of the park isn't outdoors. No, it is the breathtaking gilded gold statue of Athena Parthenos inside the Parthenon. This modern recreation is Alan LeQuire's best guess match to the long lost original. Look and be amazed!

That's one giant snake

No photos can do this amazing place justice. If you can swing the admission price — a whopping $6.00! — you owe it to yourself to drop in and pay your respects to a goddess.

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Mom and I traveled to Nashville to see UGA play Vanderbilt. Instead of a football game, we saw an epic tragedy. It was cold and rainy at kickoff, and the sun didn't come out in Nashville until it had set on the Bulldog's SEC Championship chances.

UGA 27, Vanderbilt 31

I could talk about the terrible targeting call that turned a failed Vandy fourth down conversion into a first down that finally broke the spirit of our staggering team. (Replay can overturn the ejection, but not the bad call itself? Who thought that was a good rule?) Or I could talk about the inability of our coaches to improve the failures that have defined them this season (Richt's special teams muffed a punt and a snap, Grantham's defense surrendered 31 points, Bobo's offense managed only a field goal in the second half, Tereshinki's conditioning resulted in a 6th player with a knee injury.) Or I could talk about Arron Murray failing to put it together with the pressure on again.

But what it all comes down to is the fact that Georgia lost 31-27, and is now all but mathematically eliminated from SEC contention. What was such a promising season is now wasted.

Heartbreaking. There is no other word.

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To be continued...


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