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I've been busy this past week installing a fence at my brother's home in Dublin, GA. I've been calling it a cyclone fence, but you probably know it as a chain link fence. Turns out that cyclone fence got that name from the Cyclone Fence Company of Waukegan, IL, a trademarked brand now owned by U.S. Steel.

Coke is Coca-Cola!

So I've been committing the same error as people who call a copy a Xerox, facial tissue Kleenex, a hook and loop fastener Velcro, and soda Coke. (For those paying attention, the grammatical error of substituting the specific for the general is called a metonym.) Worse, Cyclone Fence was initially a northern brand (though the concept of the chain link fence was invented by the British), so I have unwittingly been using a Yankee word! I apologize to ya'll for this error and will try to correct my usage in the future.

P.S. I'll post a picture of Trey's fence once I've developed my the pictures still in my kodak.

[UPDATE 08/03/10]: Pictures. Note the DirecTV dish in all three pictures for site reference.

That looks like a lot of yard.
Start of Day 1: It doesn't look that big, right? Next time you shovel the concrete.

Watch out for snakes!
Start of Day 2: I lost track of how many fence posts after I was attacked by the fire ants.

It's not much of a fence if you can see through it.
Start of Day 3: Another day, another $12.74 worth of rebar to fix what we did wrong on Day 2.

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To be continued...


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