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On January 13, The Augusta Chronicle ran a story by "Staff Writer" Tracey McManus sounding the alert about the falling number donations of deer meat to charity in 2012. On January 19, that story made its way to the website of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where McManus was credited as a member of The Associated Press. By the time the AJC got around to publishing the story in its print edition, January 22, nine days after the story broke, McManus was credited not as a member of the AP, but simply as "Augusta Chronicle."

If you read this blog regularly, you know that this isn't a post about the state of journalism in the state of Georgia. No, this is a post about the dangers of the ongoing Great Deer Uprising of 2010! From the story:

Others have noted they've seen fewer deer this season than in years past, which many hunters are attributing to a coyote problem across the state.

Coyote problem? McManus never explains what exactly that problem might be, but combine this news with the story's premise, that deer meat is becoming rarer, and I think we can draw the obvious conclusion. Obviously, the coyote and deer are at war with the fate of humanity in the balance!

For what could the coyote and deer be dueling? Is it a simple matter of seizing more territory, like a Chicago mob war? Is it a struggle over AR-15 assault rifles before Big Brother can take them away from all of us? Or are the two groups continuing their age-old blood feud spawned when a young buck fell for a doe-eyed bitch?

Whatever the case, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thank you, coyotes, for standing up to our deer aggressors. Good dogs.

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To be continued...


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