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I'd ask if you kiss your father with that mouth, Batgirl, but then Frank Miller would probably just stick you in some incestuous storyline. Ick.

First the "Goddamn Batman," now the "Fucking Batgirl"? There's not much mystery to what she's saying when you can actually READ THE WORD, now is there?

DC Comics was in the news briefly last week because it shipped a comic book containing inappropriate "printing gaffes" revealing that Batgirl has a mouth like a sailor. The book, of course, was All-Star Batman and Robin, one of the worst things to ever happen to the Batman mythos, and that includes the movie Batman and Robin.

I know I've complained about All-Star Batman and Robin before: Jim Lee's truly sublime art is completely wasted on Frank Miller's willfully libelous interpretation of the inhabitants of Gotham City as sociopathic characters in a pornographic snuff film.

Personally, I'm much more offended that people are still buying this title rather than by any fucking foul language.

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To be continued...


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