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Today UGA hosted Charleston Southern University. I only went to this game for one reason: I couldn't find anyone to take the tickets. I almost didn't go, but I finally decided that someone had to go to the game to cheer on the Bulldogs. And today, that someone was me.

Charleston Southern 9, UGA 55

Despite the final score being the expected blowout (55-9, UGA), I still had a good time. The most fun I have at games are when I'm least expecting to. Life constantly reminds me that keeping my expectations low is the key to being satisfied.

It's worth mentioning that UGA pulled out all the stops in a belated halftime salute to Veterans Day, including visits from Medal of Honor recipient General James Livingston, an assembly of Purple Heart recipients, and "God Bless the U.S.A." singer Lee Greenwood. (Aaron Murray also made a surprise appearance, though I don't think that had anything to do with the day's theme.) Once that show was over, we went home.

(Postscript: Mom spent most of the ride to and from Athens arguing with Sirius XM customer service about a malfunction of the Sirius Traffic app. Google arrived to save the day just before she lost her temper. Thanks Google!)

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We probably should have seen it coming. After the injury-plagued season the Bulldogs have had in 2013, it shouldn't surprise anyone to see Senior quarterback Aaron Murray be carried off the field of his final home game with a knee injury.

UK 10, UGA 56

Otherwise, the game was all Georgia. Kentucky never put up anything amounting to a fight in this 56-10 rout. The biggest obstacle for the Dawgs was the cold. Boy was it cold!

The fans turned out despite the cold (and wind) to say goodbye to the departing seniors, including Aaron Murray. Poor kid. Friend Brian insisted on blaming Murray's knee injury on his decision not to slide on a play near the end of the first half with the score already out of reach. I prefer to blame a conditioning staff who have seen a disproportional number of kids in their care leave games with knee injuries this season. I'm no doctor, but when I see the top 6 offensive skill players miss playing time on the season with knee injuries, it seems to me that you're doing something wrong, guys.

(In fairness, there was a rule change this year that penalizes players for hitting helmets. I've heard that this has caused players to start tackling much lower, endangering knees. Maybe Georgia coaches have just been slow to adjust to this new style of defensive play. In any case, I expect better next year.)

Perhaps I should add that I overheard many fans lamenting the fact that UGA didn't wear black jerseys for the game. I didn't hear this rumor until the broadcasters discussed it on the pregame radio show. Who knows who started it. I'm glad the team wore their regular red jerseys. I don't think you should celebrate four years of hard teamwork by wearing someone else's jerseys.

With the 2013 home schedule in the books, I'd like to go on record as saying that this was probably the most talented Georgia team I've ever seen. If we hadn't been hit so badly by injuries, if the defense had managed to give up just one fewer touchdown per game, if the special teams hadn't played like retarded teams.... Oh, well. It was an exciting season anyway, with the game against LSU standing out as among the best I've ever seen in person.

Here's hoping that today's game won't be the last time we see Murray behind center for the Bulldogs. He'll be hard to replace.

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This LSU/Georgia game was probably the most exciting game I've seen in Sanford Stadium in the past decade.

LSU 41, UGA 44

I mean, I've seen some great games. Back when Tennessee was still the team to beat in the early 2000s, the atmosphere was electric. Before Cam Newton destroyed them, Auburn games always had a great atmosphere. I seem to recall that Steve Spurrier's first year as coach of the Gamecocks was a fantastic game. This one beat them all.

ESPN's College Game Day was in town for the game (the third time since I've had season tickets), and the fans were really worked up hours before kickoff. The crowd was on its feet making noise almost continuously for all for quarters. I screamed my head off, and I thought I was going to be sick when LSU got the ball in the final 2 minutes down by 3 points. (The Georgia offense scored nearly at will, but the secondary couldn't stop anything. It was terrifying!) I don't know that I've ever been so exhausted after a game.

After the game, the players thanked the fans leaving the stadium, something I've never seen before

In fact, the whole night was just crazy. UGA head basketball Mark Fox dressed in body paint to hang out with the student section. Former UGA golf star Bubba Watson tried not to upstage his wife, former UGA basketball star Angie Ball Watson, as she was celebrated between quarters. Olympic gold medal winner Allison Schmitt was among feted members of the SEC champion UGA swimming/diving team. After the game, David Pollack danced with his kid in the end zone as Mark Richt sought out and hugged his wife. When Aaron Murray came out of the locker room for an interview with ESPN (on the northwest corner of the field after the game), the rest of the team came with him. They lined up single-file to hi-five the crowd still trying to leave the stadium. I've never seen anything like that.

It was all pretty damn awesome. This is why I attend football games.

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It's finally September again, and last night UGA played its first game of the season (losing 35-38 to Clemson thanks to some spectacularly lackluster play by Aaron Murray). That must mean we've finally reached's 8th Annual Batman and Football Month!

Long ago, a friend asked me which I preferred more: Batman or Football. I think I have finally decided that it's football.

Yes, Georgia may already have a losing record on the season, Aaron Murray may be 1-10 vs top 20 opponents in his career, and Mike Bobo may still be calling our plays. However, in 2013, I've bought 6 tickets for UGA home games but not a single Batman comic book. By the rules of Capitalism, that's a clear win for football.

(Don't tell Batman. I don't think he'd take it well.)

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To be continued...


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