The remainder of the movies list for September:

160. (907.) Going In Style (1979)
When I was young and VCRs were new, my father used to record movies off HBO for us to watch. I don't know who's HBO feed it was or how the movies were selected, but it seems there were a large selection of George Burns movies. Oh, God, its sequels, and Just You And Me, Kid were always options. Somehow, this film in which Burns robs a bank with Art Carney and Lee Strasberg, slipped by. It has a lot in common with Harry and Tonto, and I'm sure I wouldn't have appreciated it as a child. But it's pretty good, especially the ending.

161. (908.) Million Dollar Mermaid (1952)
Esther Williams plays one of her under-water movie predecessors in this biopic. I looked up the true story of Annette Kellerman, and let's just say they played fast and loose with some facts. Any excuse to get Williams in the pool, I guess.

162. (909.) The Stranger (1946)
I read after the fact that Orson Welles hated this film, but I thought it was great. Very suspenseful, partly thanks to the director (Welles himself) and partly thanks to a great cast that included Edward G. Robinson. If you like Welle' The Third Man or Touch of Evil, I think you'll enjoy this. Recommended.

Drink Coke! (The Stranger)
Best way to make friends with a stranger? Offer him a Coke!

163. (910.) The Last Hurrah (1958)
Another biopic, this time about a Boston politician. The politics depicted in this movie are underhanded every step of the way, but it's left to the viewer to decide if they are inappropriate or unethical so long as they work for the greater good. A good think piece.

164. (911.) The Steel Trap (1952)
The odd twist of this film is that you, the viewer, accompany a bank manager turned bank robber through the suspense of whether he will succeed at a task he knows is ethically wrong. I was never quite sure whether we're supposed to hope he gets away with it. I liked it once, but it's too thin to sit through twice.

I told you it was a light month. More to come in November.

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To be continued...


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