We finally really did it. You maniacs! The Georgia House of Representatives has passed House Bill 70, appointing the white-tailed deer as the Official Georgia State Mammal. Those traitors!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the bill grew from a request by Columbus schoolchildren who noticed that Georgia had never bothered to sponsor a state animal. To fill that void, the kiddies suggested the gray fox. (Doesn't anyone know that humans are mammals?) Then the powerful deer lobby got involved.

Not every State Representative went along with this crazy plan, however. One of the dissenting voices belonged to Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Call:

If this aggravating nuisance of an animal becomes the state symbol, is it ever going to be where we can't protect our property and crops just because it happens to be the state animal?

Call's very valid concerns were trampled by the other representatives in their stampede to the deer's banner. The final vote was 163-2. Ye gods!

That means the Georgia Senate is our last defense against this monstrosity. This is the same Georgia Senate that is considering banning A.P. U.S. History because it encourages critical thinking about what what Americans could do better and doesn't spend more time discussing our victory in the Cold War. All of which sounds like a great reason to stop teaching Georgia students about American History.

I have to say that they make a great point. If we never teach the kids about the Great Deer Uprising of 2010, they'll never know that we lost.

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To be continued...


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