I've told you that Mom and I went to Nashville, but I still haven't told you why. The real reason for our road trip wasn't to see the Vanderbilt game. No, Nashville was a mere detour from our real objective: the Jack O'Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky.

It's hard to get 5,000 pumpkins to say 'cheese'

The Spectacular is 5,000 pumpkins arranged along a nature trail. That's a lot of jack o'lanterns. There is no way I can really convey the experience of walking a nature trail at night lit only by jack o'lanterns all around you. "Spectacular" is an appropriate word. Most impressively, So far as I could tell, none of them were duplicated.

Some stood out, even among thousands of similar carvings.

starry eyes
One of the carvers must have a thing for star-shaped eyes.

This skull looked like something I might try.

There were several of these "splatter" designs, my favorite of the styles I saw repeated.

To me, this looks more like a pictogram than a face.

Lest I fool you into thinking that all the jack o'lanterns were the traditional kind you might find in your own neighborhood, you need to know that scattered among the more mundane carvings were a smattering of true pumpkin-carving works of art.

Nosferatu is German for 'pumpkin'

I'll showcase a few more of these later this week.

In any event, know that it was worth the trip to Louisville for the experience.

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To be continued...


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