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Fifty years ago, Florida was ranked #9 headed into the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville. UGA would go on to win 14-7, and more importantly, Steve Spurrier was publicly embarrassed.

The above picture ran in the November 10, 1964, issue of UGA's Red and Black newspaper. Reading the old newspapers, you get the impression that the students of UGA were more concerned about football players cutting in line at the cafeteria, drunks at Sanford Stadium, and supporting Barry Goldwater than they were interested in new coach Vince Dooley leading the Bulldogs to their first winning season in four years. It seems that there's more to life on campus than just football. Who knew?

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The annual ass-whipping that UGA takes from Florida is still on, but it's so terrible this year that I've actually stopped watching it. I really couldn't be more disappointed in the outcome of this debacle. I could say a lot of terrible things about Florida (I really, really hate them, and I hate the fact that every year this game is played in a "neutral" site less than an hour from Gainesville), but the fact of the matter is that we didn't play well enough to win. Georgia has a lot of young talent, but when the opponent catches a few breaks (the refs called every early important play against us and our kicker is completely shitty -- his name is Blair Walsh; let's see how many more games before we forget his name entirely) they simply give up. I hate to say it, but that's your fault, Richt.

I also appreciate that Urban Meyer has pulled his starting quarterback early in the fourth quarter. After the bitching he's done for the past year over our celebration penalty in the previous meeting, he could have left Tebow in to run up the score and his stats. But he didn't. That's something that Spurrier would never have done and a show of good sportsmanship.

Congratulations, Florida. I hate you.

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I'm back, and I have some catching up to do, don't I?

First game of the UGA season: victory! Dawgs win, 35-14, over the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. Word on the street was that the Cowboys sold out every seat that we offered them. Quite an impressive display of fan loyalty, there.

I know it was the first game and all, but I was surprised that the lady who owns the season tickets in the row in front of me didn't recognize me. She recognized my brother, and remembered my mother and father, but not me. I must have gained a lot of weight since last year.

Second game of the UGA season: defeat! Dawgs lose, 16-12, to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. The Bulldogs performance was utterly uninspired, and the generally low expectations for this year's squad were proven uncannily appropriate awfully early in the season.

The crowd was barely involved in the game. I don't know if we were too shocked or if we had resigned ourselves to the loss early. In last year's SEC home losses, the fans were behind the team until the final second. But this time we seemed to be as stunned as the players on the field that South Carolina, who most of us had written off as beneath us, was having their way with us. Damn you, Spurrier! >shakes fist in rage<

Of course, the NFL season kicked off this weekend, and my team, the Miami Dolphins, lost. The teams of my couch-mates, my brother and his girlfriend, respectively cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, also lost.

So far, this does not have the makings of a very good Batman and Football Month.

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The nailbiting 17-15 victory over Spurrier's South Carolina yesterday was really quite an exciting game. I really enjoy being in a stadium full of fans being put through an emotional wringer.

New this season, Sanford Stadium has a whole new set of electronic boards, including the gigantic screen in the west end zone, as visible above. The screens are cool, yeah, but they are being used almost exclusively for advertising. They even took out the clock so that they could have more advertising room. (No clock in the entire stadium now. That's bullshit.) The information boards are practically useless. Only rarely do they give us stats for the game, replays, or even scores from other games. Instead, they spend all of their time giving us adverts for Coke, SunTrust, Kodak or useless prompts showing us CGI American flags to salute or telling us to "Make Some Noise." Good job, UGA; thanks for spending a fortune on signs that discourage us from looking at them. What a brain trust you have.

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Go Dawgs! We crushed the reigning king of the WAC, Boise State, 48-13.

Next week we will give Redskin failure Spurrier his comeuppance! (Oh, yes, we will beat his Cocks!)

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To be continued...


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