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Infatuation of the season:

You will not convince me that Cassidy Brown is not a fictional stripper name.

A brief (2-3 hours) search of multiple sources on the internet reveals that the girl who appears in the first 8 seconds of the Zales "Oh My Gosh" commercial (which you can see here) is named Cassidy Brown. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything else (her television/movie acting credits are limited), but her performance here certainly makes me want to give her jewelry. Oh my gosh, indeed.

Research note: Cassidy Brown doesn't have a lot of acting credits, but there's some good word of mouth about her on I don't know where she found time to act in a commercial since she's has also been recently working on the independent film Girlfriend 19 for a few months. (How far in advance do they shoot Christmas commercials?) And she has a Facebook page.

It's not stalking if it can be googled.

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To be continued...


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