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The following article is presented exactly as it ran on the second page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday. It seems Denver wasn't the only place celebrating pot.

Who can proofread through all that smoke?

Although I'm sure the AJC would prefer that I not go online to read someone else's reporting of the same shared Associated Press story, I found the rest of the article at The Cannabist, and you can, too.

The all-important cut-off paragraph should read "It's more like a rose competition than anything," said Russel Wise, a pot grower who entered three plants and a marijuana-infused baklava treat.

The rest of the newspaper was full of ample evidence of Death, Pestilence, and War run amok, but if Denver can find time for "marijuana-infused baklava," I think we can assume that Famine still hasn't saddled his horse.

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To be continued...


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