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The Dawgs kick off tomorrow at 5:30 PM. (I thought that was important enough to make the blog.)

On another note: why the hell is everyone in America endorsing donating money to the Red Cross? Has everyone forgotten the lessons of 911 already? The Red Cross received millions because of that, and then they kept what they wanted and diverted a large portion of donations gifted for 911 victims and New York natives to other causes. Do you think that they money that you are giving the Red Cross to help the New Orleans natives is really ending up there?

I heard on CNN that Diddy, Nick Cage, Celene Dione, Hillary Duff and more are giving millions (that's right, millions: who says that the Gilded Age ended over a century ago?) to the Red Cross. Let those rich bastard throw their money away if they want to, they have enough, but why am I hearing about it? Did their press agents release the news so that I would be motivated to give what I could? (Social pressure from celebrities? Wow!) Or did they just want me to know what great people they were for giving so much to those who have so little?

Maybe I'm really damn cynical, but that doesn't mean that I'm wrong.

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To be continued...


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