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Seen at a CVS in LaGrange, Georgia:

I hope that's the price in pesos and not dollars

The bottle on the right is labeled as 20 ounces of good, old-fashioned Coca-Cola Classic for the outrageous price of $1.84. The bottle on the left is labeled as even older-fashioned Coca-Cola Classic made with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, for the even more outrageous price of $999.99!

There are those who believe that High Fructose Corn Syrup is terrible for us, and that we should consume more natural sugars. There are those who believe that Mexican-produced Coke tastes significantly better than American-produced Coke. I'm sure those living in the intersection on the Venn diagram of those two groups would be willing to pay a little more for Mexican Coke, but $1,000 a bottle seems a little high. It's Coke, not petroleum.

As someone who drinks a lot of Coke — I don't know who you are, but I probably drink more than you do — I can't say as I taste a big difference between American- and Mexican- produced Coca-Cola. For $998 worth of difference, I'm going to need a taste difference that I can notice. It probably would need to taste like I was drinking liquid angels!

For the record, yes, I know that the two bottles in this image are both American-made plastic, high fructose corn syrup bottles. I have no idea if CVS knows the difference between American- and Mexican-produced Coca-Cola or not. Frankly, if someone in LaGrange is willing to pay $1,000 to drink a regular bottle of Coke, he is probably getting what he deserves. (Or he works for the Pentagon. They're kind of bad with money.)

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To be continued...


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