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Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

This trip went much better than the last one. Primarily, it didn't rain on us, but it was also a better game. A much better game. As much as I dislike Kurt Warner, I definitely feel that he gave me my money's worth. And in the end, I think that the nearly 70,000 Steelers' fans in the stadium felt the same way.

Comic book geek note: the stadium attendant who was checking tickets at the gate waved me through with barely a glance. "My x-ray vision can tell that you've got the ticket," he said. It wasn't until several minutes had passed before I remembered that my ticket was easily visible in the clear plastic lanyard around my neck. It just sort of seemed to make sense to me that ticket collector was a good job for someone with X-ray eyes.

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I think I'll NOT be selling my Super Bowl tickets.

You wouldn't think selling Super Bowl tickets would be such a big deal, would you?Well, you'd be wrong.

First I investigated the few thousand responses I got from Google for selling tickets. Then, narrowing down the sites, I tried to list my tickets, only to find that they either A) wanted to charge me some ridiculous fee (15% or more off the top!) to list my tickets on their site or B) told me that it was too close to the event to list my tickets. I suppose if you're going to sell Super Bowl tickets on those sites, you have to decide to so so more than a month before you know who's going to be in it.

So I turned to eBay. Only eBay won't let you list anything these days without allowing PayPal as a payment. (Funny. They own PayPal. So they are essentially requiring you to pay fees to them twice for every listing that is paid for through PayPal. And they wonder why their business is declining.) Since I know from personal experience that using PayPal to sell anything worth more than $100 is a mistake (goodbye, Masters of the Universe figures), eBay was no longer an option.

With the entire internet eliminated as a possibility for selling my tickets, I'm left with the outdated 20th-century methods of newspaper, co-workers, and friends. However, no one reads the newspaper anymore (unless they love government-mandated foreclosure notices), I don't have any co-workers, and none of my friends like football (which I suspect should make me wonder why they are my friends). On a lark, I even tried consulting a pawn-broker, who not surprisingly offered less than face value.

I guess I'm stuck with my tickets. That's right: I'm stuck with Super Bowl tickets. Life is really a bitch sometimes, you know.

Somehow this is your fault, Kurt Warner.

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I think I'll be selling my Super Bowl tickets.

When the post-season started, the Dolphins, Eagles, and Giants were all in the mix. That was 1/4 of all the teams! Then, in the Wildcard round, the Dolphins lost pitifully to the Ravens. But that's okay, as the next week, our chosen teams still made up 1/4 of the number remaining in the Divisional round. Unfortunately, they had to play each other, eliminating the Giants, who had been favored to go all the way as defending champs! But come the NFC Championship, the Eagles still counted as 1/4 of the 4 teams remaining in the playoffs! Until they lost to the Arizona Cardinals, a CInderella team that will watch woefully as the clock strikes midnight on them at some point during their Super Bowl confrontation with the Pittsburgh Steelers in two weeks.

I suppose that it was impossible to have 1/4 of our teams in the final game, but that's not a fun lesson in math by any account.

Anyway, I can't get up to watch an Arizona Cardnials game. While I'm quite fine with watching the Steelers, they happen to be playing the Cardinals. >ugh<. The Cardinals haven't played a game I've enjoyed watching all season, and I'm sure that the Super Bowl will be no exception.

I hate you, Kurt Warner.

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To be continued...


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