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Who can enjoy the ladies when they're spending all their time chasing goats?

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My Memorial Day Weekend has not gone as expected. The good news is Dad brought his new standard puppy, Scarlett, to visit my girls.

Trouble? Who, me?

Scarlett is 3 months old and her sweet exterior hides a soul of pure trouble. If puppies weren't so cute, we'd smother them in their sleep. But Scarlett isn't the reason I've accomplished nothing this year. That honor goes to Dad's other new addition, Nanny.

When she's being held is the only time she isn't crying

When Dad picked her up, she wouldn't eat and had Scours, which is what vets call goat diarrhea. It gets hard to get things done when you are bottle-feeding nutrients to a 4-week-old goat every 3 hours.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a barking puppy to tend to.

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To be continued...


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