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In a recent commercial, Cadillac brags about how clever their engineers are about considering the impact of a raindrop on a windshield at 190 MPH. Rather than marvel at the ability of Cadillac's engineers, this made me wonder why the hell Cadillac would plan to build a car that went 190 MPH in the first place.

Cadillac is advertising their $70,000 CTS-V as the "world's fastest production sedan." I ask you, who the hell needs a sedan of any sort capable of 100 MPH, much less 190 MPH? Should you find a place to avoid any potential traffic, no public road in the United States of America even has a speed limit greater than 80 MPH. That's less than half of Cadillac's advertised top speed -- HALF! Cadillac is advertising a vehicle to the general public that cannot be legally utilized in any public space. And this from a company still 27% owned by the American public.

To put this ridiculous waste of a power in perspective, an average tractor-trailer has a 500 horsepower motor. The Cadillac CTS-V advertises 556 horsepower. Why does the Cadillac need that much power? To accelerate from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds of course. Numbers like that make this a very valuable car for spies in action movies, but not so much for the real world. When was the last time that anyone needed a 4-door car that could peel out of a parking lot like a jet fighter? Someone tell the kids to hold on back there.

Since Cadillac is already recklessly marketing their reckless car to rich people who like to drive too fast, it's my advice to you, any policeman who might be reading this, to ticket the hell out of anyone you see driving a Cadillac CST-V. Odds are that if he bought this car he intends to speed in it, and he certainly has money to waste.

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To be continued...


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