Earlier this month, I complained that despite my research, I was trapped in a health insurance plan that I cannot use in my local hospital. To Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia's credit, they have responded to my complaint and offered to help me request an exemption to switch to a plan that my local hospital will accept. Lucky day!

Shame on me for thinking it was going to be that easy. I called my local hospital, Piedmont Newnan Hospital, to find out what BCBSGa plans they would take. Their website says they take BCBSGa plans, and when I got someone on the phone, they admitted that's true . . . unless it's a plan I can have.

Quote: "We do take Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia HMO/PPO/POS plans except for the 'Pathways' [Affordable Care Act] Marketplace plans or any plans with colors in their names." That means no "blue," "bronze," "silver," or "gold" plans. Guess what? Those disqualifications cover every individual plan that BCBSGa offers. (I've double verified that information.)

So what Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia plans does Piedmont accept? Plans that don't exist anymore? Plans that no one can have? If that's the case, why advertise that you take them? What the fuck, Piedmont?

The takeaway is that so long as I stick with BCBSGa, I'm stuck going to a hospital in another county. Or I could change to a different, Piedmont-approved provider and cross my fingers that Piedmont isn't lying about those, too. It sounds like my best course of action is to never to get sick. I'll let you know how that works out.

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To be continued...