What's the best way to kick off Football and Batman month? That's right, with movies! August movies, part 2 of 3:

142. (679.) Queen of Outer Space (1958)
Really stupid and really boring. But I think everyone involved knew it. Except maybe Zsa Zsa Gabor. She seemed to be taking this story about a race of women living on Venus hell-bent on destroying all "mankind" on Earth a little too seriously.

143. (680.) High Pressure (1932)
William Powell plays a con man in the world of big business. It's almost a documentary about how Capitalism works in 2014.

144. (681.) Von Richthofen and Brown (1971)
This Roger Corman movie was also titled The Red Baron for obvious reasons. I've read reviews of the film that praise the flying shots and pan everything else. Personally, I felt the flying was the boring part, and the campy scenes on the ground were the good stuff. To each his own, I guess. Speaking of actors who take themselves too seriously: Don Stroud.

145. (682.) Predators (2010)
A worthy sequel to one of cinema's greatest sci-fi/action movies. Exactly what you want when you go to a movie with "predator" in the title.

146. (683.) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Ed, the manager of a local comic shop, described this movie as "charming." I thought that was a ridiculous thing to say about a giant budget Disney movie, but it turned out to be pretty accurate. Charming, indeed.

147. (684.) Hotel (1967)
I loved this movie. That took me by surprise. I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting to love this movie. Great, great stuff.

UPDATE 2021-04-03: Hotel was just on TCM, and I didn't remember that I had seen it. I couldn't remember the plot or details. I just knew that it was on my list and that I'd said I liked it. So I watched it again. And I still love it. For future reference: Rod Taylor is the general manager of an outdated, doomed New Orleans hotel during its last days filled with a sad sack thief, a conniving house detective, a kept woman, and a fallen nobleman. Worth watching again in 7 more years.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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