Let's get a start on May movies.

69. (376.) Monsters (2010)
This is a modern, low-budget monster movie in traditional B-movie style. (The monsters are people!) I thought it was pretty good, but Mom had mistaken this movie for Monsters, Inc. and was disappointed that the monsters were not even slightly cute.

70. (377.) Sleuth (1972)
Some movies are adapted from plays, and you can't even tell. But some movies wear their stage cred on their sleeves and watching them can't be too different than seeing a stage production. This is one of those. A good one of those. (I was totally fooled by the opening credits, by the way. It was a nice touch. You'll know what I'm talking about if you see the movie.)

71. (378.) Looper (2012)
As far as time-travel stories go, this was pretty stupid. (Hot Tub Time Machine made more sense!) However, it was all worth it to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt channel Bruce Willis.

72. (379.) Premium Rush (2012)
Another Joseph Gordon-Levitt action movie. I'm convinced that he can do no wrong. The movie was far more entertaining than some reviews I had read suggested it would be.

73. (380.) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
Was this a comedy? A romance? I found it all very, very depressing. Was that the point?

74. (381.) Manhunt (2013)
This HBO documentary on the CIA's pursuit of Al-Queada was fascinating. Among other things, it presents both sides of the torture argument and suggests that the CIA insiders are just as divided on its use as the American public. Very interesting.

75. (382.) Casino (1995)
No, I'd never seen Casino before. Partly because it's really, really long and partly because I have a bias against movies that present mobsters as protagonists. Most of the drama in the film comes from Sharon Stone's character, who radiates "bad news" from her first moment on screen. It's excruciating to watch a 3-hour film where the dramatic tension is obvious and all you're doing is waiting for the train to inevitably wreck. All in all, it's a well-made movie and worth watching, but I couldn't stop thinking, "this is a really, really long film."

76. (383.) Wings (1927)
I've watched a lot of Best Picture-winning films and wondered how that film could be considered more deserving than some of its peers. Wings was the first Best Picture winner ever, and the only silent film to do so (until The Artist last year). While Wings may be outdated and technically limited, there can be no doubt that it deserved its award. Time well spent.

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