I enjoyed keeping track of my movies watched last year, so even though I don't have any goals for 2013, I'm just going to keep on tracking.

I watched 12 movies in January, which puts me on pace for 144. I think that's probably about average for me, as that's what I initially expected when I planned to watch 150 last year. I guess we'll see if I keep up that pace.

1. (308.) Love Crazy (1941)
Another William Powell and Myrna Loy film, this time firmly in the "screwball comedy" genre. Like all screwballs, the plot is more forced than the average primetime situation comedy, but the interaction between Powell and Loy is, as always, fantastic.

2. (309.) Rounders (1998)
This film featuring Matt Damon as a poker savant denying his destiny and his chance at love has a strong Good Will Hunting vibe. I didn't like Good Will Hunting.

3. (310.) The Swan (1956)
Grace Kelly plays a wannabe princess, but it's really Alec Guinness who steals the show as the aloof prince. This movie shows its age at the end: 21st-century Hollywood would NEVER tolerate this film's fitting finale.

4. (311.) Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
Just because a movie is intended for kids doesn't excuse a script from being this bad. Fortunately, all the actors -- who I suspect are all Robert Rodriguez's drinking buddies -- know how bad it is and are all trying to out-ham one another.

5. (312.) Rififi (1955)
To get the taste of Spy Kids out of my mouth, I turned to this French caper film. Truly a must watch for anyone who loves noir cinema.

6. (313.) Island of Terror (1966)
My friend Otto paid $90 for a copy of this late 1950s British sci-fi/horror film. That was money well spent.

7. (314.) Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)
An Italian lampoon of the caper sub-genre that is genuinely funny, if a little long-winded.

8. (315.) Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Oh, Nic Cage. Just because someone tells you you only have two options ("commit suicide" or "steal 50 cars in 12 hours") doesn't mean you have to immediately take his word for it. But you're not really know for making good decisions, now are you?

9. (316.) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
There may be too much James Bond in this Sherlock Holmes for my taste (it brought to mind my least favorite Agatha Christie mystery, The Big Four), but it is entirely worth it for the Holmes/Watson interaction.

10. (317.) Gosford Park (2001)
I can't say enough great things about this murder mystery story. If you haven't seen it, correct that mistake.

11. (318.) Suspicion (1941)
An early Hitchcock where Cary Grant plays the scheming villain. Not Hitchcock's best work, but not bad by any stretch.

12. (319.) A Thousand Words (2012)
Did I just say "bad by any stretch"? This film is too risque for kids and too juvenile for adults. It's nothing but an excuse for several un-funny "comedy" bits glued together by a clumsy smattering of forced sentimentality. IMDB.com says this performed so poorly in the U.S. that it's overseas release was aborted. Don't let it be said that there isn't at least one advantage to living in Greece.

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