Who says nothing ever happens in small towns? Twice in the past week, cars have left the road on the Newnan Crossing Bypass and ended up overturned in an adjoining retaining pond. Both single-car accidents have resulted in one death each.

Local news on NBC ran the story, reporting that the two incidents were bizarre aberrations in the road's 5-year safety history. However, CBS, home of the smoking-hot Dagmar Midcap, warned me that the road was a death-trap, filled with speeders and crazy drivers. The stations based their news on the opinions of local residents who appeared equally qualified as pundits. That is, if "qualified" were defined as "chosen at random from passing motorists interested in mugging for local news cameras."

I've driven this road. I've driven it fast, in the rain, in the dark, and in dense fog. And rather than the angle of the curve, or the slickness of the asphalt, the real danger in the area is the sudden appearance of deer on the road. Certainly some people overreact when confronted with an unexpectedly stationary 400-pound, antlered obstacle in the middle of the road, and I suspect that they could find themselves upside-down in a retaining pond if they aren't careful. But the question here isn't whether a deer caused the accidents, but why the deer have suddenly turned on us. Is this the first wave of the Great Deer Uprising of 2010?

In Goldfinger, Ian Fleming wrote, "once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action." So we'll see what happens to this coincidence in the weeks ahead.

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To be continued...


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