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Unless you've been under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know that America is in something of an uproar over what can only generously be described as a "questionable" call at the end of Monday night's Packers/Seahawks football game. You probably weren't watching the game, but my cry of "holy shit!" awoke my mother, who came out of her room to watch 15 minutes of total chaos in Seattle as fans rended their garments and gnashed their teeth. What gets lost in the reporting is that the end-of-game reaction was actually more fun to watch than the first 3 quarters of game.

I can't say that I'm happy that the officials botched the end of the game, but I don't think, as a clearly anguished Trent Dilfer said after the game, that "it's tearing at the fabric of the game." Yeah, a bunch of under-qualified officials blew several calls in a row. And yeah, those blown calls resulted in the wrong team winning the game. But let's not forget that it was just a game!

The sky is not falling, people. It's not like there haven't been blown calls in the past from "real" officials that have changed outcomes. And it's not like we won't see bad calls in the future, whoever is officiating on the field. Why does anyone expect perfection from a game that measures progress with archaic chain links?

It is too bad that Green Bay lost to an inferior team that was on the good side of a series of bad calls. In my opinion, however, if Green Bay can't score more than 12 points in the preceding 4 quarters, I'm not sure I can feel all that sympathetic towards the highway robbery that gave the game to Seattle by 2 points. If you want to win, score some more points!

Then again, maybe I'd feel differently it there was any chance that the Dolphins could be robbed of a victory by a bad call. As things go these days, if the officials got things wrong in one of our games, the only team that could benefit is us.

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To be continued...


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