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Well, the finalists are in for the Heinz commercials, and I'm not one of them. >pout<

A brief review of the finalists (visible at shows that Trey & I really didn't have a chance at all. A professional level of polish is visible on at least 10 of the 15. Only 5 of the 15 contain animation. Four of those are stop motion and the fifth is a very impressive dancing ketchup bottle that I couldn't have rendered on my home computer. Trey suspected that a commercial would have to feature children to win, but only 5 of the commercials have kids (and one of those has America's favorite slapstick comedic moment: a blow to the family jewels, so it's probably the winner).

The most notable thing about the commercials is that all but 2 or 3 spent some real time and money on either locations, sets, actors, animation, or ketchup bottles. Heinz must have made a fortune from the contestants alone last quarter. I guess you have to spend money to make commercials.

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I'm making up for my total lack of pictures during July with two YouTube videos today. These are both my brother's and mine 30-second submissions in the Heinz Top This TV commercial contest.

Mine first:

And Trey's:

Watch them. Enjoy them. And be assured that should either one of these videos make it into the 15 semi finalists (of a field of well over 2,000), you're going to be voting on one of them as your favorite over at YouTube.

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To be continued...


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