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My poodle strip from November 11, 2011 has been included on page 36 of the August 2012 "Special Issue -- Focus on Health" newsletter of the Poodle Club of Canada. Poodles and Those Canadians have some great tastes.

That strip was specifically a reference to Victoria's inability to wag her tail in any consistent motion. Sometimes side-to-side, sometimes clockwise, sometimes up-and-down, sometimes counterclockwise... there's no pattern. I think that's one of the reasons she likes to lie sideways on the floor. That way, the floor becomes a tail guide.

Anyway, so an online newsletter for poodle breeders in a foreign country. I suppose that this technically makes me a published cartoonist. Whoo-hoo! It's only a matter of time until they back up dump trucks of cash to my door, right? Right? Aw, shucks.

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To be continued...


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