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In honor of the creature feature Cloverfield, which has made an absolute killing at the box office despite -- or perhaps because of -- not telling its potential audience anything about what it's about (ala "Gabbo Is Coming"), I present my current favorite monster movie quote from Roger Corman's masterful Attack of the Crab Monsters:

Martha Hunter:"But Doctor, that theory doesn't explain why Jules' and Carson's minds have turned against us."

Dale Drewer:"Preservation of the species: Once they were men. Now they are land crabs."

Yet another of Corman's cautionary tales. Beware, should you ever find yourself transformed into a gigantic semi-permiable land crab, you'll no doubt become homicidal as well.

Note that this film featured Russell Johnson, better known as "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island. I'm pretty sure that I've never seen anything that he appeared in that I didn't really enjoy, though I could probably say the same about Bob Denver or Alan Hale, Jr.

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To be continued...


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