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This weekend, I had a hard time finding Crest Whitening Expressions Cinnamon toothpaste, and I fear that the economy has stolen my toothpaste from me. Officially, I can find no news that Crest will be limiting or ceasing the production of the toothpaste, but local suppliers seem to find no reason to carry it anymore. I'm probably only a tube away from having to use >ick< mint flavored toothpaste.

You think you're pretty big right about now, don't you, economy, stealing hygene products from us lowly consumers! Well, I've got news for you, I'm not going to take this lying down! One day, you'll come crawling back with your hat in your hands -- you always do! -- and you know what? You'll be getting no sympathy from me! No, sir! We'll see who has the last laugh, then, won't we? Ha!

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To be continued...


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