I've been watching mold grow in one of the office coffee pots. My co-workers are slobs who forget to do things like, oh, clean the coffee pot (or even pour out four day old coffee). Yet another reason that I don't drink coffee. One thing I have noticed over the past few months: mold growing in coffee always starts white but turns green. I wonder if that is universally true or just a localized phenomenon? Check your local coffee pot and get back to me.

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Sometimes someone has something important to say, and sometimes someone doesn't. There you have it.

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If Kool-Aid Man is made out of a giant pitcher of Kool-Aid, when he drinks a refreshing glass of Kool-Aid, would that be considered cannibalism? Or is Kool-Aid Man a Christ-like figure whose faithful followers drink the blood of Kool-Aid Man? All I know is that I have some deep soul searching to do before I drink anymore Kool-Aid this summer. I'm not sure I'm ready for a beverage with this many issues yet. Oh, Yeah.

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For the past few days, I have had absolutely no motivation. I sit, or more acurately I pace, around the house, wondering what to do next. I'm feeling a little stir crazy, like I have cabin fever in the summer. And it's putting me in a very bad mood. Maybe I'll go cliff diving. Or take a nap. Yeah, a nap; that's the ticket.

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In my house, I have two computers, a TV and VCR, several games systems, a radio, and assorted other appliances and gadgets. If I can own all of these hi-tech devices, how come I can't lay my hands on one simple pencil?

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Have you seen that Spiderman MTV show yet? It is damn sweet. Spidey looks perfect. It's pretty commercial heavy, I think; but Spidey in action makes all the commercial breaks worth waiting through.
By the way, Gerrard, if you read this, I'm out of town. I lost your contact info in the computer changeover, but I'm afraid that I'm busy on Sunday dogsitting my dear poodle. So I will be unable to play. Again.

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Miss me? I've been busy. I've been upgrading my PC (which means that I have built a new, improved machine from spare parts). Took longer and was more expensive than I had predicted. And of course it meant that I lost all of my settings, bookmarks, and addresses. Recoverable, I admit, but I'd rather play games with my new processor and video card than sit around and gut my old machine.
More to come...later. I've got more otherworldly demons to kill first.

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Sigh. There was more to this damn blog until earlier today, when I wasted it. I'll try to recover it later. (I think I have a backup around here somewhere.)
All the updates I attempted for the .swf files -- you know, finally fixing the links, bio, etc. -- failed miserably this afternoon. Why? I have no idea. I do know that my attempted ''fixes'' only made shit worse, so I've returned to my backup files to restore to the old files.
Now I say ''Fuck you, Flash,'' and I walk away. I'll go play some video game where I get to kill people. Lots of people. That will make me feel better: killing. It's the American Way.

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Thorgillian War story is now complete. That's 2 campaigns online. Who cares? I care. I care a lot!
Now I can work on more important things, like more pictures of ME! The world can never have enough of me! (Unlike that nasty Prince William. What a camera hog! Give it up, already, Will!)

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So do I have anything to say tonight? No, not really. More updates to Thorgils and Kurse... blah, blah, blah.
In fact, I've overhauled most of the site this evening, though the changes are minor. Very minor.
I'm just anal.

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To be continued...